Saturday, August 31, 2013

Open with Explorer View Issue

Resolution / Work Around
Click on Particular Document Libraryàselect “Library” on TabàClick on “Open with Explorer”
If error occurs while opening the document library,

Add as trusted site.
(i)                 Toolsà Internet OptionsàSecurity tabàselect Trusted sitesàClick on Sitesà Add
(ii)               Click on Apply and OK.


Sign out from the site and clear cookies.
ToolsàInternet OptionsàDelete Cookies.
Now sign in to the site, while signing in, Check Keep me sign in check box.
If the browser is IE10 in Windows 7, Download the  below  Package(Windows6.1-KB2846960-x64) and install it.

Download the updates shown inside the Green Rectangle .
If your system is a 32 bit Please download the First one X86.
If your system is a 64 bit Please download the Second one X64

Once the Link is clicked the below

Select the required language and Click “Continue” button

Click Save button and once the download is done, install the updates.
Then restart the machine and delete the cookies. Now login to the site. while logging into the site, Check “Keep me Sign in check Box” and go to document library and click on Open with Explorer.

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