Wednesday, December 28, 2011

9 qualities of good software

9 qualities of good software are:

Correctness — does the software do what it is supposed to do (according to the design specs)?
Robustness — how does the software respond to unexpected conditions (wrong input)?
User-friendliness — is the software easy to use by users from the intended audience?
Adaptability — how difficult is it to modify the software to adjust to an ever-changing world?
Re usability — can parts of the software be easily reused to build other software systems?
Interoperability — does the software interface with other software systems?
Efficiency — does the software make good use of its resources (memory, disk, CPU, network)?
Portability — can the software to easily ported (moved) to other operating system (or in today’s world, browser)?
Security — does the software protect the information it is responsible for?
To excel in the process of bit building there must be a clear vision of what makes one set of software bits better than another set.

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